I Guess We're Old School

by The Putdown

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Sean O'Reilly
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Sean O'Reilly Awesome old-school punk with a bit of ska, for flavour Favorite track: Winnie.
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released February 4, 2011

Wayne Clark @ Flat Earth Studios



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The Putdown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Monkey Brains
I can’t wait to finally meet you. Cant come too soon, It’s time for something new. Wont wait around, won’t hold my groud. look what I’ve found A life outside my bedroom walls. rred cups, pink thongs, big tents, ping pong. Wrongs right, rights wrong, a hundred thousand local songs. Campfire, lights off, I’m wired, you’re soft. You smoke, i cough, I’ll ride this high right too the top. I’m breaking off my rear view mirror. the coast has never been so clear. No where i’d rather be but here. I’ts gonna be a real good year. Just park your car in the backyard. So good, so far, brandon’s playing guitar. Signals you send, the way you bend, pass out with friends, wake up and do it again.
Track Name: Winnie
You said you’d text me the next day, when you did i had to run away. i know you’re dull and i think i’ve had enough. But everytime i see that smile, i wanna stay and talk for a while. Attraction often gets mistaken as love. I can’t hardly fake a smile who knows if it is true. As much as i dont like it i feel like i must pursue. You have this way of making me confused. And i have this way of never trusting you. Are you sure you got the right number? Did you put it in right? Are you sure you wanted to text me at twelve o’clock last night? And when I see you now i don’t know what to say. Should i let this thing go on another day? I think this game we’ve got I just don’t want to play. I feel like i can’t stop, i guess i’m just afraid. Tonight’s the night i’ll end it all with you but we’ll probably hang out in a week or two. i just need some time to myself to not be so confused. Last night.
Track Name: Dykes Exist in Society
Looks like its back to masturbation for this weekend. Looks like its back to hesitation with my girlfriend. Looks like its back to school and all the stupid classes. Looks like its back to work and kissin bosses asses. Gorrillas flying through the air. Everyone stops, looks, and stares at this sight for your sore eyes. Now i’ve got shakes in the knees. You’re the cure for this disease. But i’ve been distracted by your lies. Looks like its back to fucked up fights with my parents. Looks like its back to throwing useless temper tantrums. Looks like its back to fucking swearing for no reason. Looks like its back to masturbation for this weekend. Look like its back to being tired of this life.
Track Name: NaNa
ack to being tired of this life.
NaNa- The air is freezing on my cheeks. But what do you expect naked on New Years Eve? She tells me to put on some pants. I say to her “just don’t tell me what to do”. Na Na NaNa Na Na Na Na So i went home, talked to this girl on the telephone. And i don’t know her name (what was her fucking name?) I just called the number on the screen. SHE GOT ME OFF. And he says “I don’t need her if she can’t get me off.”