This Is For Steve EP

by The Putdown

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released June 17, 2011



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The Putdown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Ben Bendover
2 weeks ago i saw you there
you had spinach in your teeth
and really messy hair
and you were wearing
(your wearing!)
pink spandex pants
a giant puffy jacket
lookin like you were from an 80's dance and

I'm walkin through the streets
Feelin like a hundred degrees

I'll never fit in with all of your friends
I'll never break but for you I'll bend bend bend

2 weeks later you're all gone
a million miles away now
just a lyric in a shitty song
and sometimes I
(sometimes I)
see you and we'll both smile
happy for eternity
but only for a little while and

Don't you think you're too good for me now?
Track Name: Mr. Murray
too bad this one will be another buzzer beater
and if we'd have started sooner it would have ended neater
Im never happy with these stupid decisions I make
and you know its getting bad when I can't tell if its a mistake

you know I like it when you tell me that I'm way too tall
have I changed too much or not at all

now driving down front street I feel just like Mr. Murray
you tell me to get my shit together and to hurry
I dont know why I can't ever make up my fucking mind
and you know that I'd come visit you if I only had the time

I know it sounds dumb
but I feel so numb
sarcastic self-loathing is never much fun
(I can't be homesick
but I'm you-sick
I know that sounds lame
but thats how I explain it)
Track Name: G.I.M.P. B.I.T.C.H.
I say "I like your accent,
where are you from?"
you look at me with those big eyes
and make me feel so dumb
are you south american or eastern european?
where the hell is the czeck republic?

it's true that beggers can't be choosers
but who ever said I'm beggin you?
we're rarely winners, mostly losers
but we don't care we like the truth

she's walkin round talkin bout
how much her tit itches
and the time that she beat up
all of those stupid bitches
shes a girl never afraid to roll up her sleeves
shes the baddest bitch that I have ever seen

its getting steamy in my car
and I cant believe we went this far
its really great until the end
when you sit up and say you have a boyfriend

if it won't end bad it won't end at all
Track Name: Fluke Nuke 'Em
well maybe I'm not a slut
and I think she expected too much
in my car shes on top of me
but all I'm talkin bout is SNB

she just can't follow any rules
thats why she got kicked out of school

maybe we were just a chemical reaction
somehow you caught my eye from your little faction
I was really stupid and I said some things
sometimes you need mistakes to know that you have changed

dont cry you just had a fight
come be with me and I'll treat you right
I know I'm a dick when I mess around
I bury my feelings a year underground

my sisters roomate is so cool
too bad I'm still just in highschool

I just met you I wish I had not
you think your so cool with the friends that you bought
I know I'm not perfect, but at least I know.
when I say I care, its not just for show
Track Name: Cowabunga
can't wait til it snows
so you can see how it feels to be alone
maybe then we could relate
I wanna tell you off
but your eyes grab my tongue and hold on
all you ever do is frustrate

your stepping on my toes
you wont let go
please go away
(call me selfish cause its what I am
not really sorry you fucked up my plan)
how can I indicate
you're not so great
just a great fake
(sorry I'm not all you wanted me
to be so fuckin cracked up to be)

but this is not for you, this shits for me
(stay away from me)
beyond your image you cant see
(stay away from me)
cant take this close proximity
(stay away from me)
its not for you, its for me

dont want you to know
so it could boost your big ego
I cant even see that far
who really knows if this
is anything but angry shit and piss
half-hearted hatred in my car

call me selfish cause its what I am
not really sorry you fucked up my plan
sorry Im not all you wanted me
to be so fuckin craccked up to be

(this is for me)